Professional Powder Coating for Plastic Parts and Other Items - Spectrum Coating

Spectrum Coatings treats over 300,000 items each year, many of them plastic, for private citizens and businesses here, and from across the country. Our company may not have helped a certain rodent build his residence, but we help keep the rides and other concessions at theme parks around the state in an attractive and safe condition. 

Few plastic parts take a beating like aluminum or steel. They can, however, get scratched and gouged up just as often. To keep everything running smoothly and looking good, we offer a powder coat option for plastic parts that adhere quickly to the surface and provides a beautiful finish that resists dings, the weather, and the daily wear and tear that comes from routine use or when operating in extreme environments. 

Even industrial-strength plastics react poorly to heat, however. That’s why we use a special ultraviolet (UV) cured powder coating process that eliminates the use of high heat. Our technicians start by cleaning the part and then apply a special primer that makes the surface more conducive to the process. 

Technicians apply the powder coating and allow it to air dry. Then, they use an electrostatic discharge to help bind the coating to the plastic material. The part is then mildly heated to a temperature of just 130 degrees Celsius for only one to two minutes. Finally, technicians cure the powder coating with a special UV light

With eight large spray booths, personnel can powder coast plastic parts and other items ranging in size from massive cars for amusement park rides and playground equipment to small machine and engine parts. Once fully covered and cured, the coating extends the functional life, especially for items continually exposed to the sun and weather. For small machine and engine parts, the powder coating extends not only the life but can improve the performance as well. 

Regardless of what you need protecting, or its function, Spectrum Coatings can help you preserve it for additional months, and even years for some items. To learn more about what our company can do for your equipment, cars, and more, call us at 321-632-3018 for details.

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