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Specialty coatings and treatments are not just for small items like receivers and trailer hitches anymore. Residents here in Florida and from all over the U.S. can now protect and customize their off-road machines and SUVs to match everything from their favorite color to tattoos. Business owners can now add their company logo onto everything from car doors and hoods to entire boats far easier and cheaper than ever before, thanks to Spectrum Coating.

As an example, a customer from the mid-west brought in the truck she used for off-roading. She wanted to coat and customize the doors, hood, and roll-bars. This vehicle was previously her Father’s, so while she wanted to protect it, it was also time to put her stamp of ownership on it. 

To start, we Cerakoted each piece and placed them in one of our commercial-sized, custom-built ovens to dry and cure the ceramic for a tough, heat and impact-resistant finish. Then our team applied a protective Teflon undercoat to the chassis. These actions protected the Father’s legacy, so we could move on to what the customer wanted for her use in the future.

On the hood and doors, we used Hydro Film to apply a custom camouflage. It was a variation of the latest military combat uniform, with lighter greens and a little blue mixed in to make the truck turn heads wherever she went. After a discussion about what to do with the interior, we also covered the steering wheel, gear shift knob, and the glovebox door. 

Boats are an important part of life here in Florida and across the country, as well. No matter if you want to Cerakote the hull on a fishing skiff, Spectrum Coating is here for you. We can place an entire small craft in one of our commercial ovens to dry overnight or spray the Cerakote over a larger craft and allow it to dry in one of our custom-built bays over the weekend in a climate-controlled environment to ensure the best look possible. 

Party boat and yacht owners have discovered that our Hydro Film technique can give the hardware on their watercraft a literal, one-of-a-kind, custom finish. For business owners that want to race or join in a Veteran’s Day celebration on the water can show their pride and advertise their services after handing us their craft and their vision in just a few days. 

To learn more about what Spectrum Coating can do for your car, boat, and business, call our office today at 321-632-3018. Let us help you turn your favorite vehicle or watercraft into a custom product that catches the eye of everyone who rolls or floats past.

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