Covers Firearms Finishes At Shot Show 2020 In Las Vegas - Spectrum Coating

Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc. is exhibiting its firearm finishes at the SHOT Week Supplier Showcase during the 2020 SHOT Show on Jan. 21-22. Held at the Las Vegas Sands Expo Center, the showcase is a dedicated event presenting products to shooting, hunting and outdoor manufacturers. The hours for the two-day event are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Palazzo Ballroom, 5th Floor in the Venetian Congress Center. 

Be sure and stop by show booth number 52341 to meet with Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc. Experts will be on hand to help guide your decisions about protecting your investments based on the quality of the piece treated and the environment in which the firearm will be used. Not only do coatings make your firearms look sharp, they possess tremendous protective benefits as well. 

“What you ultimately choose boils down to the conditions in which you both store and use your rifle, shotgun, or pistol, as well as your dedication level to maintenance and preference for colors, designs or patterns,” says Owner Steve Taylor of Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc. 

  • The ceramic and polymer coating of Cerakote can be applied to hard finishes from metal to plastic, polymer, and wood. In addition to protection and a beautiful finish, it offers the customer a wide variety of options to custom design using colors and patterns.
  • Teflon is a rust inhibitor that also provides lubricity to moving parts. Its super-thin substance was initially developed to withstand the harsh and corrosive environment required of military equipment and it provides an attractive finish.
  • Hydrographic film offers thousands of options. Whether you prefer flames, flowers, camo, skulls, or superheroes, this decorative finish provides both design consistency and a durable finish.

Known for premium protective coatings, the ability to produce at a high volume, and offering a fast turnaround are just some of the reasons Spectrum has been relied upon to supply coatings for a number of major firearms manufacturers, including Kel-Tec, Iver Johnson and Diamondback. Their cutting-edge oven, at 8’-by-8’-by-18’, and newly expanded facility allow them the flexibility for bulk orders that fit any customer’s timeframe.  

“We pride ourselves in helping customers restore and protect their cherished family heirlooms and special collections, says Taylor. Depending on need and choices in customization, you can count on our personal attention when deciding how to restore, maintain, and enhance the appearance of your firearms investments so they can be passed down to family members many years from now.”

Located in Cocoa, Fla., Spectrum has provided individualized service of the highest quality for nearly two decades. Let them show you why they are a leader in applying superior protection and beautiful coatings for the firearms industry. Stop by show booth number 52341, find them online at, or contact them at 321-632-3018 or

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