Why OEM Parts Coatings and Their Application Matter - Spectrum Coating

What could your favorite meal and the industrial coatings found on top-quality OEM parts have in common? To be clear, only one is edible. However, when you're cooking up a favorite recipe in the comfort of your kitchen, the ingredients you choose and the techniques you use will have a major impact on the result. The same is true when the Spectrum team is working our magic with OEM parts coatings here at our shop in Cocoa, Florida.

Choosing the Right Coating
Use the wrong ingredients when you're cooking, and the results will range from pleasantly surprising to decidedly disastrous. Choosing the right ingredients is an essential step when you're working in the kitchen. It's also vital when you're selecting components.

OEM parts are designed and manufactured to perform flawlessly, and the right coating can allow them to deliver a superior performance for longer periods of time with less maintenance. However, there is no one ideal OEM coating. Choosing a coating starts with weighing the material it will be applied to, the environment it will be subjected to, and the qualities that will help it function most effectively. Then, it's a matter of considering the available options for OEM parts coatings. After weighing the variables, which one best fits the situation? Can one be customized to provide a better fit?

Getting the Application Right
Ingredient selection is a great start, but there's generally much more involved in making a meal. That means there's plenty of other opportunities for things to go a bit sideways with your meal prep. Set the heat too high, leave a pot unattended for too long, or cover something that you should have uncovered, and you may end up with a dish that doesn't look anything like what graced the table at holiday dinners. When quality is important, expertise, skill, mastery, and having the proper tools and resources are essential.

At Spectrum Coating, we've heard the horror stories of uneven applications. Customers have shown us items with coatings that flaked, chipped, bubbled, peeled, or interfered with a precision fit. That's not how we do things. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of industry standards and what it takes to meet them. We're experts in application technology with an appreciation for the value of excellent preparation. We excel at color mixes and design and can provide custom solutions. Whether your order is large or small, you can be sure that we'll insist on doing the job right the first time.

Serving Up Industrial Coatings
Food is easy to spot, but industrial coatings are often overlooked, even when they are right under your nose. At Spectrum Coating, our work with theme parks, contractors, boat builders, firearm manufacturers, fabricators, and other professionals means that we have experience with coating an incredible array of items meant to be used under incredibly diverse conditions. After all, these coatings are used in almost every industry. You might expect to find them in the aerospace, aviation, automotive, and marine worlds protecting parts and accessories. Likewise, the idea of industrial coatings in an industrial, manufacturing, or construction setting may seem natural. However, you might be surprised to learn that OEM parts coatings keep the music playing by protecting much of the equipment used by musicians, or that it supports efforts to keep people healthier by optimizing the functionality of some medical and pharmaceutical equipment. In fact, OEM coatings can be found on many consumer electronics and lifestyle items that people use every day.

Whether it's aluminum, steel, plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, or some other material, you can reach out to Spectrum Coating to discuss OEM parts coating options. You're welcome to call us today at 321-632-3018 or stop by our Cocoa, Florida shop to learn more about how we can meet your needs. Or, send us an email at info@coatingsbyspectrum.com.