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NASA's InSight Mars lander has been delighting scientists, engineers, sci-fi fans, artists, and dreamers by sending back a consistent flow of images and data from the Red Planet since its arrival there in November 2018. The mission was originally scheduled to wrap up in November of 2020, but InSight has proven to be amazingly resilient. In fact, its program has been granted a two-year mission extension that will hopefully allow its contributions to continue until 2022. While the solar-powered robotic lander may be waiting out the Martian winter in hibernation mode at the moment, scientists are planning on resuming full operations when Mars swings back toward the sun this July. 

Resilience like the InSight displays is no accident. It is the result of careful planning, clever engineering, and the thoughtful utilization of advantages like top-quality manufacturing machine parts coating that have helped the robotic lander survive in incredibly harsh and unpredictable conditions.

Protecting Manufacturing Machine Parts From Harsh Environments Near and Far 

Space is a notoriously unforgiving setting. Nighttime temperatures on Mars can drop to a chilly negative 130 degrees Fahrenheit. However, hostile environments are hardly an alien experience for those who design, build, and work with robotics and machines. There is no getting around the full fact that many situations much closer to home put an enormous strain on machine parts. For example, marine environments are known to be tough on equipment. In other cases, the concern is pressure, heat, or friction because of how or where a part is used. That is why coatings are so valuable. 

Machine parts are called on to accomplish all kinds of tasks with constant, unending precision, and failure is unacceptable. Their ability to function effectively with maximum efficiency is vitally important. In many cases, it is a matter of safety. The right coating can offer numerous advantages:

  • It enhances the part's ability to withstand wear and tear.
  • It can introduce desired surface qualities.
  • It reduces the need for maintenance.
  • It extends the lifespan of a part.

Top-Quality Performance That Lasts

Coatings are used to protect machine parts in a wide array of industries, but you only get the best result when you match the right coating with the right material and apply it with the proper technique and care. After all, the coating must be applied correctly so that it protects the part without interfering with its function. It takes a knowledgeable approach and firm commitment to quality to consistently deliver that. Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc. in Cocoa Florida, has both. We take pride in creating something that will last and deliver the desired level of durability and performance. As coating experts, we can offer a variety of coating processes, and we're happy to help you sort through the available options to decide which one is the best solution for your particular needs. 

Are you just interested in exploring the possibilities that coatings offer? Would you like to learn more about the advantages of a Cerakote, Teflon, or a specific manufacturing machine parts coating? When you have questions about finishings and coatings, turn to Spectrum Coating for useful answers that will help you make informed decisions. We work with companies and individuals here in the Sunshine State and all across the country. Stop by our shop in Cocoa Florida, call us at 321-632-3018, or reach out to us via email.