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What is a finish? As experts in coatings and finishes, we could break it down and delve into chemical formulas and other details but keeping it simple can offer a more effective explanation sometimes. Consider this: According to Merriam Webster, a finish is "something that completes or perfects," including "the final treatment or coating of a surface." At Spectrum Coating, we can appreciate this definition because whenever we're tasked with applying a finish or coating, perfection is our goal. We are firmly committed to delivering a variety of quality plastic finishes and coatings, and we're proud to be able to meet the high volume needs of our clients.

Plastics Finishing High Volume
When it comes to plastic parts, why go to the trouble of adding a finish? A finish can be used to change the part's appearance, foster bonding, improve durability, or accomplish some combination of those purposes.

A New Look
There are several ways to finish plastics. The one that works best depends on your goal, your budget, and the skill of the team that is doing the job. What if you want to add a logo? Silk screening uses inks and a silk screen. Heat transfer relies on a mix of a specially prepared label, heat, and pressure. Hot stamping, engraving, and etching all physically mark the design into the plastic. Hot stamping does it by pushing a die of the desired design into the plastic. Engraving achieves the effect with a laser, and etching uses chemicals.

What about pad printing? Like silk screening and heat transfer, it uses inks and pads to transfer inks and push them into the plastic. However, it does so with intense precision. That means that you can print images on irregular surfaces or print highly detailed images that would be nearly impossible with other methods.

Hydro film offers another option. Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, the process creates an arresting look for any material that can be dipped, including plastics. You can choose from natural looks or eye-catching options that will make the part stand out. After the initial film is applied, the process is finished with a protective clear coat.

A Practical Function
What if you need a finish that helps your plastic part function better? Once again, you'll have numerous options if you need plastics finishing high volume:

  • Teflon is famous for its ability to reduce friction and maintenance and improve durability, and it can be used on plastics.
  • Cerakote is durable, attractive, anti-corrosive, and thin enough that it won't interfere with delicate machinery. With the right techniques, it can be applied to plastics.
  • Powder coating was traditionally reserved for metals, but newer methods use special primers and ultraviolet lights to bring this useful form of protective coating to plastics as well.

Are you ready to turn the volume up on your plastic parts finishing? Spectrum Coating can help. As industry experts, we routinely work with companies across the country. Our work is used by companies in a variety of fields, including aviation, telecommunications, medical, defense, consumer electronics, theme parks, construction, and agriculture. We're fully prepared to deliver high-quality work with a fast turnaround, so we're happy to discuss wholesale or bulk order opportunities.

Do you have questions about finishes and coatings for plastics? Our experienced staff has the user-friendly answers that you need. Stop by Spectrum Coating in Cocoa, Florida or reach out to us by telephone or email today to discuss your next project.