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From the moment that you wake up in the morning, how much time will pass before you encounter something that is made of plastic? If you use an alarm clock, you just might find yourself tapping a plastic button before your feet even hit the floor. What's that? Do you rely on your smartphone for your alarm? Even if your cellphone's stylish case seems to be primarily composed of glass and metal, you will find plastic there too if you look closely along the device's edges. The material is a necessary addition because it does a better job of allowing the electromagnetic waves that your device needs to connect to the internet to pass through the phone's body and reach the electronics nestled inside. 

The fact is simple; plastic is a prevalent material in today's world. Plastic is convenient, lightweight, and inexpensive. It is also recyclable as well as versatile, and relatively durable. However, it is far from indestructible. Like any material, it has its vulnerabilities. Choosing the right ceramic coating can help combat those vulnerabilities and make plastic even more useful.

Capitalizing on Ceramic Coatings to Give Plastics an Advantage 

While plastic has many valuable qualities, it does not fare well in high temperatures. Plastic is also prone to fading when exposed to ultraviolet rays. In addition, wear and tear can make cleaning tough, and staining and breakage are always risks. When applied properly to a fresh plastic surface, a ceramic coating offers several benefits worth noting:

  • Improved durability. The ceramic coating forms a protective barrier between the elements and the plastic. This increases hardness and protects it from dirt, UV rays, and other destructive forces. Since they can't reach the material, your item lasts longer.
  • Easier cleaning. Ceramic coatings withstand the elements with ease, reducing the need for maintenance. You will be able to get more use out of your plastics despite having to devote less time to maintaining or replacing them.
  • Extra shine. A ceramic coating adds a moderate sheen to the surface of an item. Although it is not enough to be distracting, this extra layer of shine is generally considered an attractive feature.
  • Reduced fading. Plastics left in the sun grow dull and dingy. Treating them with a ceramic coating first prevents this fading and allows them to retain their original look for longer.

Cerakote and Ceramic Coating Plastics

When ceramic coating plastics, a top-quality application is everything. If you choose a poor-quality product or cut corners in the application product, the results can be disastrous. Cerakote is a global leader in manufacturing thin-film protective ceramic coatings, and they recommend Spectrum Coating to apply their product. Why? The developer and manufacturer of Cerakote materials, NIC Industries, offers a one-of-a-kind training program with one-on-one instruction for qualified applicants on how to apply Cerakote coating products in an optimal manner. The team members at Spectrum Coating have passed the course, allowing us to earn the certification of Certified Cerakote Applicator.

Today's plastics are used in virtually every industry, and new innovations offer new opportunities. If you are curious about what impact ceramic coating for plastics could have on your business, reach out to Spectrum Coating to discuss the possibilities. Please stop by our shop in Cocoa, Florida. You can find us on social media or reach us via email or telephone.