Personal possessions can inspire strong emotion in many people. This is especially true when it comes to items that are, or have the potential to be, “personalized”. Some of us just enjoy the ability to take an item and truly make it our own. Placing our stamp on it is incredibly satisfying, in other words, and people often want to personalize even things like firearms or knives. When you’re interested in creating an eye-catching design on your gun or knife, look no further than Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc.! We are proud to offer our clients the highest quality hydrographics experience around.

At Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc., of Cocoa we excel at the hydrographics process. That means that we relish the opportunity to use this particular coating process to help create intricate and eye-catching (or simple and elegant) designs and colors on your personal possessions. You don’t have to worry about the colors fading or rubbing off, either, as the hydrographics process results in a high quality, durable finish. We also have a paint mix station to ensure that we can mix personalized shades for all of your custom hydrographic needs.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that hydrographics are only used for blades or firearms! In reality, you can use hydrographics for all manner of projects. Perhaps you’d like to create more eye-catching wheels for your vehicle? Hydrographics can be used to apply a new finish and to fully customize their appearance. The same can be said for things like video game controllers or paintball guns. If you’re looking for a way to really take your products and put your own spin on them – to make them completely your own – hydrographics might be the perfect solution you have been looking for.

We’re always happy to sit down and discuss your options with you in order to ensure that you end up with the best solution for your needs. To that end, perhaps you’d like to learn more about hydrographics, our protective coating processes, and just how much these coatings and finishes can affect your products? Whether you’re looking for expert design help or would simply like to improve the reliability or durability of your products, we can help.