Buzzy New Cerakote Colors: Copper, Frost and Platinum Grey - Spectrum Coating

Even though there are more than a thousand color options available from Cerakote, awaiting new colors is always exciting. When the samples arrived at the shop a month ago, there were many ‘oohs and ahhs’ as Caitlyn Taylor, daughter and Spectrum employee, unpacked the latest swatches in trendy coatings. We are pleased to let customers know we are now carrying the three new metallic colors recently released: Copper, Frost, and Platinum Grey.

Everyone had their favorite from the three fantastic, durable coatings, and began offering up their knives, car parts, and personal firearm for a Cerakote color test project. It was Caitlyn, who persisted in convincing dad and shop owner Steve to customize her AR-15 with the new Copper finish. Take one look at this on-trend deteriorated antique style, and you can see that he completely nailed the patina - one of the buzziest colors of 2020. 

The Process

The standard turnaround time for the old copper penny appearance takes about one week from when the customer drops off the firearm. From start to finish this treatment took eight hours to complete, which included the following steps: 

  1. Breakdown
  2. Soak
  3. Blasting
  4. Prep work
  5. Applying the copper
  6. Initial cook
  7. Pull out and rack cool
  8. Spraying the turquoise
  9. Second short cook
  10. Pull out and rub down
  11. Finally, a one-hour full cure cook

The Details

The rail, upper, lower, buffer tube, and buttstock were finished with the thin-film ceramic copper, and to complete the finishing touch, the parts were distressed in vibrant, dark turquoise. Cerakote's copper offers a rich, warm background with enough subtle metallic to produce an intense weightiness yet also delivers a brilliant sheen. The turquoise detailing provides an antique verdigris appearance to the firearm. The miscellaneous parts - the barrel, trigger charging handle, and selector - were coated in graphite black lending a solid background. Even though it looks fabulous, Steve suggests that customers might want to consider another layer of customization with some touches of black metallic to enhance further the character with a noticeable reflective/metallic flake. 

About Spectrum

Spectrum Coatings is a factory-trained and certified Cerakote applicator. Steve and his team specialize in artistic theme builds, camouflage, battle-worn finishes, and custom designs. Besides the fact that Steve loves to do special projects to make his girls happy, he knows that showing customers how new Cerakote colors can be applied helps sell his work. In fact, after posting the finished product on social media, four orders for the copper and turquoise patina came in from new customers who saw the photo on Facebook.

You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with the latest projects and trends. Check out the Spectrum Coatings website for all kinds of helpful information! To ask questions or discuss a design idea, call (321) 632-3018, email, or stop by the shop in Cocoa. You can count on the fact that Steve, Caitlyn, and the team will help you unleash your creativity to make your firearm pop with one or any combination of colors.