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When you decide to invest in a firearm, you’re committing to its maintenance. Some gun owners overlook the importance of this kind of care. However, you must carefully maintain your firearm to ensure its long-term function and condition. Failure to stay on top of this process can leave you with a gun that only functions sporadically and inconsistently. That is the absolute opposite of what we want to see. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the gun maintenance process and how the professionals at Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc. can help you with their firearms coating services and their expertise in ceramic coating for guns.

Why You Must Consider Firearms Coating Services?

One of the essential parts of gun maintenance is regular cleaning, picking the right gun finish, and coating to help increase the firearm’s longevity. Some finishes and coatings are better than others, and sometimes a professional cleaning is the best option to give your gun a new lease on life. At Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc., we are happy to provide our customers with various maintenance and coating options to help suit their specific needs. We also offer treatments like gun Cerakote, hydrographic as finishing and coating options to help give your firearm the optimal protection against the elements.

Protective Ceramic Coating For Guns

In addition to paying attention to your firearm maintenance schedule, you might consider investing in a protective finish to help push the durability of your gun to the next level. Options like gun Cerakote, for example, are designed to cover your gun in a thin layer of protective ceramic coating to increase its durability and longevity dramatically. If you’re worried about this impacting the performance of your gun, don’t be – gun Cerakote and Cerakote Elite helps make your gun more reliable and the operation a bit smoother than you’d otherwise experience.

Gun Coating Options To Improve The Look Of Your Gun

If you’re not looking specifically for an extremely protective coating but would prefer to enhance the appearance of your gun instead, then you might prefer our hydrographic finish! This is the option for individuals who are really looking to improve the appearance of their firearm and turn it into something creative and unique. We cover the designs on your gun with a protective matte or glossy finish, too, so that you can rest assured it will stay put and look great for years to come.

What Are The Benefits of Cerakoting A Gun?

Over time with regular usage of your gun, the metal parts may slowly lose their shine.

With cerakote you will not have to carry around a weapon with worn-out coating due to the durability of cerakote.

How Can We Prevent This From Happening?

You can slow down the impact of these wear-causing phenomena, but you can't avoid them. You can invest your time and resources in maintaining
the health of your weapon so that it doesn't degrade over time. When you carry a gun with yourself, the chances are high that it might get scratches
due to interaction with various surfaces. It might bump into things that can lead to cosmetic or functioning damage.

So what is the best way to improve the longevity of your gun?

Cerakoting your weapon will help you in developing an additional layer on the outside of the weapon.

  • In this way, you'll be able to give it a hard layer of protection.
  • Ceramic cerakote will act as an anti-scratch layer that'll protect your gun's condition even when it is dropped on the ground.
  • In this way, you'll be able to reduce the impact of wearing and tearing. It will help your gun to maintain its original robustness and specifications for a long time.
  • It'll protect your weapon from water that will prevent it from getting eroded.It'll protect your weapon from water that will prevent it from getting eroded.
  • With cerakoting, you can also customize the color of your gun. You can change its look and feel while having the same parts.

Cutting Edge Gun Coating And Finishing Services

Are you interested in learning more about what kind of guns and treatments, and finishes are available for your firearm? Spectrum Coating Enterprises, Inc. offers clients diverse gun coating services like the Cerakote Elite coating and the Teflon finish. If you are interested in learning about how these options can impact the reliability and durability of your firearm, contact us today? We’re happy to answer your questions and find the best option for you. 

custom ar-15 counter strike image

This AR-15 "Skull Rifle" was treated to a custom Cerakote with a color mix and pattern that simulates bone.  It was hand-applied by our proprietor, Steve Taylor.  The skull at the front of the receiver is part of the original casting. 

We deal with small orders and also high volume, bulk orders with a fast turnaround for all your gun coating needs. Here are some of the gun coating services we offer at Spectrum Coating -

  • Bulk Cerakote Orders
  • Cerakote subcontracting
  • Cerakote Gun Coating
  • Ceramic Coating For Guns
  • Gun Coating Repair

Cerakote coated gun

Quality and service are always #1. We coat firearms for the little guys and even the big guys, from manufacturers to the United States Government.

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