Everything You Should Know About Corrosion-resistant Coatings!

Most equipment undergoes degeneration with use and age. Corroded equipment culminates and can cause environmental hazards. It's best to use a protective cerakote coating to extend its longevity by safeguarding it from unconducive ecological conditions. Corrosion-resistant coatings are applied on metal parts primarily to prevent corrosion. 

Corrosion Resistant Coatings can be customized to provide protection for several substrates and corrosive environments. These coatings are made from substances like zinc or iron and are applied as a primer, base layer, or topcoat through diverse techniques. This coating is commonly employed to provide corrosion protection to structures like pipelines and concrete bars. For resistance, cobalt, and chromium alloys provide formidable resistance to corrosion.

These robust and effective coatings can aid in preventing degeneration of equipment brought about by moisture, oxidation, and exposure to chemicals. They provide an additional shield for metal parts and function as a barrier to hinder contact between chemical compounds and corrosive materials. Therefore, it's prudent to safeguard your equipment from corrosion or your working environment through the use of this magnificent High Temp Coating, which will also help you save money in the long run.

Importance of Corrosion Resistant Coatings

It's estimated that corrosion will cost the US economy around one trillion dollars by the end of the year. Additionally, the petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals industries in the United States of America lose around $ 2.5 billion annually to corrosion, eating a massive chunk of the country's Gross Domestic Product, accounting for 6.2%.

Exposure to environmental chemicals utilized in production as well as ordinary wear and tear propagates corrosion. Therefore, the cerakote coating has been instrumental as a remedy to combat the degradation of materials due to corrosion.

Advanced corrosion-resistant coatings such as cerakote are pivotal in creating wear-resistant environments.

Properties of cerakote coatings include:

  • Requires no primer coat
  • Preparation of the surface to be applied to the coating is primarily not needed.
  • It dries quickly and provides a high build, although a single coat
  • It's safe to use because it exposes toxins minimally to the workers

Types of corrosion on metals

Corrosion refers to the deterioration of a material propagated by a chemical or electrochemical reaction with the environment. Material relates to metals but can also comprise non-metallic materials like polymers, plastics, and ceramics.

Corrosion affects not only the durability and strength of a material but also its cost. It culminates into equipment damage and product leakage, especially those vital in chemical industries, thus posing a danger to the environment.

The performance and longevity of metals or any other substrates can be enhanced by applying a formidable High Temp coating. It's therefore paramount to comprehend various types of corrosions to make an informed decision on the appropriate selection of coatings. The most common ones include:

  • Galvanic Corrosion

It's a form of corrosion that crops up when two metals possessing different electrochemical changes are connected using a conductive path.

  • Stress-corrosion cracking(SCC)

A metal encounters SCC when exposed to intense tensile stress due to prevailing factors like thermal process or wielding and stress emanating from cold work. Stress cracking is amplified when these factors are blended with exposure to the environment. This form of corrosion is mainly pronounced in fabricated parts which are subjected to mechanical stress.

  • Crevice Corrosion

This form of corrosion arises from crevices or cracks in metal surfaces like the edges of rivet heads and nuts. Corrosive elements like dust or sand accumulate on the surface, creating an environment for water to collect, corroding the prevailing material.

  • Intergranular corrosion

This kind of corrosion doesn't attack the metal surface, but it strikes the crystalline metal boundaries. It happens when the grain boundaries in the metal form an anode, and the interior of the grain act as a cathode.

  • Pitting corrosion

It's a localized type of corrosion resulting in minute holes or pits on metal surfaces. Its mechanisms function similarly as in crevice corrosion. Other forms of corrosion include:

  • Exfoliation
  • Environmental cracking
  • Filiform corrosion
  • Cavitation

Types of coatings 

Corrosion-resistant sprays and paint 

Corrosion-resistant coatings form a layer between the metal and the surface acting as a barrier between external elements. This helps the metal stay strong and last longer. Our corrosion-resistant coatings also have repelling properties that don’t let the dust and debris settle on the surface. 

Hydro film 

Hydro film is a great option for individuals who prefer to customize their coatings. Hydro film is designed keeping in view the customer’s choices and can be applied on a plethora of surfaces like plastics, metals, wood, ceramics, and more. 

Cerakote oven cure

Cerakote coatings are your go-to option if you are looking for longevity and utmost protection. Cerakote coatings are mainly used in consumer electronics, eye-wear, firearms, knives, and military industries. Cerakote coating is incredibly tough and protects your equipment from daily wear and tear for a longer span of time. 

Teflon coating

If you are a regular gun user, Teflon coating can be a good option for you. This particular type of coating is extra durable and protects your firearms from various kinds of exposure. It also helps with firearm lubrication and has anti-corrosion properties. 

OEM plastic coating 

Original equipment manufacturer or OEM coatings are used for various applications from numerous industries ranging from theme parks to the military. It is essential for you to understand the type of coating that will best fit your product to ensure your products remain in the best shape possible. 

Benefits of coatings by Spectrum 

Equipment that is exposed to unconducive corrosive agents requires formidable anti-corrosion protection. Collective damage resulting from poor protective corrosion planning goes beyond billions. This is why engineers often use High Temp Coatings like cerakote as corrosion shields to avert equipment damage. Other benefits associated with corrosion-resistant coatings include:

  • Reduce repair costs

If you use suitable corrosion-resistant coatings for your equipment, it suppresses chances of damage to it. Therefore, you won't have to use a lot of money for constant repairs and damage. Exposure to chemical elements or electrochemical reactions culminates in the degeneration of the entire exposed metal surface. Equipment and environmental surfaces affected by this type of corrosion warrant a complete replacement, which proves to be costly. The use of a formidable high-temperature coating reduces replacement and repair costs tremendously.

  • Longest possible lifespan

Did you know that ordinary paint coatings such as wax will wear off faster than corrosion-resistant coatings? Corrosion-resistant coatings are durable and last for many years without wearing off. Even after exposure to an unconducive climate, atmospheric elements, and other contaminants, the longevity of the high-temperature coatings will not be compromised in any way.

  • Help withstand any condition and treatment.

Various contaminants are harmful because they can cause oxidation and chemical staining. Having a solidified corrosion-resistant coatings will help you forge a protective surface that will block foreign elements that propagate damage. With corrosion-resistant coatings and high-temperature coatings on your vehicle, machine, any equipment and material can withstand any form of damage.

  • Enhances the look and shine

Accumulation of debris, dust, and dirt can jeopardize the appearance of your equipment. Robust corrosion-resistant coatings have dirt repelling properties that make the process of washing and cleaning easy.

  • Prevent the loss of operation

When equipment gets corroded, it takes time to fix and replace it. Therefore, corrosion issues disrupt the operations in a particular plant, aggravating losses due to production delays. It's wise to develop advanced coating methods to avoid loss emanating from equipment failure.

  • Saves lives

Any alteration or damage to equipment can propagate accidents during the production process. Corrosion triggers malfunctions of machines, and this can result in injuries or even death.

  • Helps in avoiding legal liabilities

Protection from corrosion-resistant coatings prolongs the longevity of industrial equipment as well as enhancing its efficiency. Additionally, it also assists in preventing legal liabilities (lawsuits) that arise from health, safety, and environmental issues propagated by corrosion.

Why choose Spectrum?

Are you looking for professionals who can give you robust corrosion protection coatings? Worry not; you are on the proper track. Spectrum Coatings Enterprises, Inc. is your one-stop solution. We have been offering prolific industrial coating experiences to our clients across the United States for the past decade.

We offer customized corrosion-resistant coatings for steel in various manufacturing industries and finishes to our customers. We have diversified our service because we serve a dynamic client base. We deal with business and individual customers from several industries, including aluminum and steel, with loyal clients across the US.

Our rust-proof coating services comprise anti-corrosion coating for steel, rust-resistant coatings, high-temperature coatings, and versatile heat-resistant coating techniques. We deliver world-class anti-corrosion to enhance the optimal performance of cars, metals, and machines in any industrial environment.

Spectrum Coating Enterprises helps you to avert corrosion-related problems, including:

  • Occasional component replacement
  • Process or product contamination complications
  • High maintenance costs
  • Sample probe damage and failure
  • Reduced productivity as a result of excessive downtime

Collaborate with us and we will help you get started on your coating project with coatings tailored to your specifications.

Choosing the proper anti-corrosion protection is crucial.  It's prudent to adopt a holistic view of the coating process from the initial stages of component design. It's crystal clear that superb corrosion-resistant coatings and High Temp Coating are resistant to many forms of environmental hazards. Therefore, it is ideal to invest in a formidable anti-corrosion coating to prevent losses which could be expensive in repairing and replacing equipment.