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Cerakote and Rapid and Professional Results When You Contract with Spectrum Coating

One of the toughest and versatile coatings we offer at Spectrum is Cerakote. It is a layer of polymer ceramic that not only resists damage but also protects against the effects of heat, moisture, and pressure. That makes it perfect for use in rifles, equipment, and high-performance vehicles. That’s the whole point; the Cerakote takes the hit and the heat, so your hunting rifle, knife, or OEM parts keep working while you are out over the weekend hunting or driving up and down the Florida Coast. Plus, your item looks sharp!

High Volume Cerakote Gun Coating Services

At Spectrum, we take it a step farther. Our technicians can do large scale, fast turn-around Cerakote coatings. With an 8’x8’x18’ oven chamber and a 6700 square foot facility, we can coat and air cure an entire disassembled engine, a trim kit, and other, OEM parts for a classic car, all at once, over a weekend or coat and heat cure an entire rack of disassembled semi-automatic weapons overnight. Volume coating of hundreds of components accomplished in the shortest production time possible is a reality with Spectrum Coating.

The Cerakote oven cure is the perfect choice for achieving the best results in a short time. It may be a bit more expensive than other options, but the finished product is impressive. The intense heat eliminates it as a choice for plastic parts but is perfect for steel, cast aluminum, and other metal components and items.

For plastics, the Cerakote air cure is the perfect coating method. With eight spray booths, our technicians can apply a ceramic coating to dozens of parts at one time and have them ready for the customer in just a day or two.

Quality Firearms Coating Applicator

Fast turn-around does not reduce the quality of our product, however. Regardless if it is a single 9mm pistol grip or a pair of engines for a matching set of Corvettes, each project gets Spectrum’s full attention and care. The dedication to speed and quality is why law enforcement agencies and individual LEOs here in our Florida-based facility, and throughout the country, entrust us to help them protect and maintain their weapons and equipment. Got a lot of guns, we are known as high volume cerakote vendor.

If you want the same dedication to the task, and the best protection possible for your cars, equipment, and personal weapons, contact our office at 321-632-3018 to learn more. With over twenty years of experience in this niche market, Spectrum Coating Enterprise Inc. is here to support you in taking care of your property and family. Spectrum Coating  is a  bulk cerakote subcontractor in Florida, we can handle high-volume orders for firearms coating applications.